Reducing uncertainty, increasing probability

When most projects are usually classed as ‘amber’, intelligent data can identify problems before they occur.

Craig Mackay CEO“Our software is designed to remove waste and support enterprise agility so your business can make the most of change investment and outcomes. The aim isn’t to replace Project Managers, but to recreate at scale the insight that comes from working in smaller project teams.”

Craig Mackay, CEO

More objectivity

Our Project Health model uses raw project data to provide a truly objective score that can’t be delivered with manual status reporting alone. Project health can be tracked over time.

Tiles depicting charts and indicators on project health and slippage

Better predictability

Predictive models are trained on global and historic data to determine slippage probability. Our software analyses language used the platform to gauge team sentiment, enabling users to monitor morale even if team members are off-site.

Calculate the benefits

We know that implementing any enterprise software is a big commitment. But we also know that our customers immediately benefit from increased collaboration, easy access to project information, and new delivery insights.

That’s why we’ve committed to a promise: if you don’t see the value of Sharktower within the first 90 days, we’ll fully refund your licence.


Short to medium term, Sharktower can boost efficiency by removing effort previously wasted on manual siloed reporting. Estimate how much manual reporting is costing your business.

Medium to long term, Sharktower learns from your data, helping teams reduce slippage and under delivery. See how much your business could gain without this project waste.

45% of complex projects run over budget, and on average, half of large IT projects deliver 56% less value.”