Future-proof features

Sharktower’s intelligent tools let project teams work smarter in real-time, from planning to progress-tracking.

Next-gen collaborative planning

Draw and edit project plans collaboratively in real-time, with a clear view of dependencies.

Connected lines on calendar canvas depicting project plan

Clear and simple Kanban views

Manage stories, tasks, decisions, risks and issues easily in one place. Filter to show different views, and ‘drag and drop’ to update progress.

A new way to meet

Our groundbreaking meetings tool gives discussions focus and lets meeting hosts save actions for future reference. Handy when you need an audit trail!

Tiles on a kanban with a timer and list of stand-up attendees overlaid
List of names overlaid on a calendar grid depicting availability

Match skills and capacity to demand

Intuitively forecast and allocate skills across projects. Quickly search colleagues by skills and availability, and view workload issues from individual to portfolio level.

List of names overlaid on a calendar grid depicting availability

JIRA Cloud Sync

Sync your stories to see the bigger picture and progress in one place, while developers continue to manage detailed work in JIRA.

Jira icon overlaid on Sharktower kanban tiles
Tiles depicting project status and recommended project content

Personalised space

Instant access to project insights, helping you spot potential issues and quickly focus your day. Notifications highlight priorities across projects.

Tiles depicting project status and recommended project content

The bigger picture

Track overall business priorities in relation to project outcomes. Seamlessly navigate from objectives to deliverables, increasing visibility and shared accountability.

Tiles depicting high level project status information
Image of a mobile phone with project scope items on the screen

Tasks on the go

Access Sharktower from any device through the mobile app (Android & iOS). Update tasks on the move, so you’re always prepared for your next meeting.

Image of a mobile phone with project scope items on the screen

Unlimited users, forever.

We believe that ‘per user’ or ‘observer only’ licensing options contribute to a lack of transparency and shared accountability in project delivery. They also lead to significant waste in manually copying information out to share.

That’s why we’ll always offer unlimited full user access.

*15% discount available for paying annually

Protecting your data

You can trust Sharktower with your projects and you can trust it with your data too. We designed the platform to be secure from the ground up, and every customer’s project data is stored, accessed and secured independently.

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) – a scalable cloud hosting platform with high availability and dependability. We chose AWS because it has a strong reputation for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of systems and data.

All access to Sharktower and information in transit is protected by the latest Transport Socket Layer (TLS) encryption, and also encrypted at REST. This means your data is safe, secure and available only to registered users who have the relevant permissions.

For more info, read our full privacy policy