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Sharktower team

A bit of background

Sharktower’s founders were inspired by over 20 years of battling with inflexible project delivery frameworks. Our software was developed and proved as part of Mudano (now part of Accenture), and we became a standalone business in March 2020, when we launched direct to market as an enterprise SaaS business.

About Sharktower - Rose and Becca 1

Why we’re here

We know businesses can make better decisions and ultimately make the world a better place.

We know there’s too much waste in project management.

We know project delivery can be done better if we learn from our mistakes.

We know people could be using their time more effectively.

We know that the right use of data can fix it.

Our purpose

To remove waste in project delivery by supporting better decision-making; with faster, more accurate insights that remove subjectivity and increase the probability of successful outcomes.

To enable people to work better by helping teams focus on what’s important: less time managing projects, more time focusing on outcomes and customers.

About Sharktower - Abhi
About Sharktower - Rose and Becca

Our team values

Everyone contributes fearlessly to our vision and our team, with a restless belief.

We Are All In

We Are All Involved

We Are All Inclusive

We Are All Incredible Together

Our team

Craig Mackay
Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of delivering projects and seeing too many failures, Craig is obsessed with tackling the waste in projects.

Brendan Waters
Chief Financial Officer

A highly experienced CFO and investment advisor with a passion for helping high-growth tech businesses over the last 20 years.

Fiona Gillies
Exec Ops & People

The heartbeat of the business, Fiona brings a passion for people with 20 years’ experience across operations and resource management.

Lynsey Taylor
Head of Customer Success

A founding member, Lynsey has led user engagement and success since the early days of Sharktower development under Mudano.

Nikki Horwood
Head of Marketing

Driving our go-to-market, Nikki has previously led B2B marketing for high-profile tech brands including CA, Informatica and Cisco.

Darshan Patel
Head of Operations

With over 12 years’ experience in strategy delivery, Darshan played a key role in transitioning Sharktower to a standalone SaaS business.

Andrew Kavanagh
Product Education Lead
Becca Duncan
Relationship Manager
Dilip Punna
Test Engineer
Eoin O’Keeffe
Data Engineer
Ewan C
Ewan Corbett
Software Engineer
Ewan K
Ewan Keith
Data Engineer
Francis Beeson
Data Scientist
Nick Patrick
Digital Designer
Abhi Bekal
User Support Engineer
Graeme Watt
Lead Product Designer
Grzegorz Szczurek
Support Engineer
Tim Cundy
Senior Sales Manager
Rose Hissink
Software Engineer
Kris McGlinchey
Data Scientist
Lorraine Hosie
Senior Content Manager
Mark Graham
Product Manager
Pawel Kublas
Data Engineer
Rory Roberts
Data R&D Product Manager
Michael Conner
Test Engineer
Shirley Chu
Product Designer
Neil Greenhorn
Implementation Lead