Spot problems before they happen

Like a sharktower at the beach is used to spot danger on the horizon, our AI-driven project management software does the same job for project delivery.


Smarter data for decision-makers

Sharktower gives you all the data you need to make fast, accurate decisions. Get objective insights and real-time reports all in one place.

A smarter way to manage projects

Sharktower’s intelligent project planning and portfolio management software gives businesses clarity, transparency and control in one place.

Faster decisions

When you don’t have the right data, you can’t make the right decisions. Real-time reporting enables faster, data-driven decisions across your portfolio.

Tiles depicting project status and team performance

Greater accountability

Siloed working kills shared goals. Link project deliverables and tasks directly to business objectives, so everyone can work towards the same business goals.


No more surprises

Issues can appear out of nowhere. AI-driven portfolio visualisation, predictive analytics and assurance insights highlight problems before they hit.

Three charts depicting Sharktower AI models on project health, slippage and team sentiment
Tiles displaying project status metrics

Less wasted time

Why are you paying talented people to collate data? Our platform aggregates data in an interactive format, so project managers can view it easily in one place.

Tiles displaying project status metrics

Link business objectives to scope

Objectives set the direction for everyone. Connect every project, task and work item to your business objectives for greater transparency and shared accountability.

Draw and edit project plans in real-time

Visual planning lets team members, stakeholders and project managers understand the full context and detailed scope of the project.

Live insights and analysis

Real-time access to project status, progress, insights and team sentiment analysis. Users can drill down for more detailed data.

Interactive meetings tool

Running delivery meetings couldn’t be easier. One central place for meeting actions to be captured and emailed directly to team members.

Make your delivery more data-driven

Sharktower delivers the data, so your teams can deliver the outcomes.